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Though you might think Poker Omiqq is from US since you find that the card game is so popular there, the origin of this game is believed crossed continents.

The Origin of Poker Omiqq

Some people still believe that card game they know is originated from US because the WSOP was created in US to bring Poker Omiqq to the world. However, those who brought this game to US were French colonists from North America to New Orleans and surrounding area. Those regions became the parts of US because of Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

Poker Omiqq was Brought to US Through French Colonists

The name Poque was French and the English speakers in that region changed the name into Poker Omiqq and it was adapted to the modern game which used 5 cards and those card must bed dealt by one player in 1834 and the cards are 52 in a deck. After that, this game spread to Mississippi River across the country thanks to the riverboats which was transporting goods waterway. During the Civil War, both Northern and Southern soldiers played this game and it was the staple from Wild West saloons in 1870s and also 1880s.

The unique thing is though this game was brought from French in Europe, this game was officially introduced in Europe in 1871. The Great Britain minister was the first one to explain this game to the members of Queen Victoria court and right after that, the Queen herself heard about it and asked for the whole rules from minister.

Soon after that, there are so many different types of Poker omiqq aduq games including seven-card stud, five-card draw and the most popular version, Texas Holdem which is the main event of WSOP.